We, at Priline, guarantee the security of the privacy of data and information entered by the customer at the time of purchase, considering that the customer automatically agrees with the terms of protection and use when browsing the site.

general notions

Our Privacy Policy aims to make it completely clear how the service provision process and the management of data and personal information of each client by Priline is carried out. We make it clear that the customer's personal information and data are also obtained through registrations and the use of cookies.

Registration - information and data

When accessing the Priline website, it is possible for the customer to register, which will be used to make purchases. In this registration, we ask the client to provide the following personal data:


We make it clear right away that Priline will be authorized to confirm the personal data provided and consult public entities, specialized companies and/or databases from the moment the registration is carried out, treating any information obtained through this means in a completely confidential manner. .

It is strictly necessary to register and provide these personal data, so that we can register and control access. It is the customer's responsibility to keep their information and personal data up to date.

Priline is authorized to collect information about the activity of registered users and visitors to its website.

This information may contain the URL from which the access comes (whether from Priline itself or not), which URL was accessed next (whether from Priline itself or not), the browser used and their access IPs, such as the pages visited, searches performed, among other information.

Contacts maintained between the customer and Priline through the online service will be maintained in the system for access by Priline employees.


We clarify that Priline collects information through cookies (information sent by Priline's server to the client's computer in order to obtain identification). The function of cookies is to carry out internal navigation control, but never to control, identify or track Internet user preferences - except when any user and/or service security rule is disrespected. The customer may or may not accept the use of cookies in their navigation, being able to freely change this option in the browser settings.

information security

The personal data informed when registering on Priline's website are stored in a reserved database, access being restricted to qualified employees only, who are obliged, by contract, to keep them confidential and not misuse them.


It is necessary for the customer to create a personal password when registering, as only with this password will it be possible to make purchases and access their personal account. It is strictly recommended that this password be kept confidential by the customer.

Proof of Payment and Antifraud

Some documents may be requested during the purchase process on the Priline website; such as RG, CNH or the front of the Credit Card Number. These documents will serve to validate the veracity of the customer's request and commitment to Priline. If we identify traces of fraud, the order will be cancelled.

Deletion of Information

In our customer service it is possible to request the deletion of your data provided in the registration. Priline will ensure that it respects the minimum legal period for storing information, in accordance with Law 12.965/2014.

Privacy Policy Changes

Priline has the right to modify this Policy at any time.